"The Local Courts are the First Defense Protecting the Constitution and the Freedom and Rights of the law abiding Citizens. The public must remain informed about the role of judges in our system, so that they are equipped to select the most qualified judicial candidate to fill the office."
The Courts

The courts are essential for the constitutional balance of powers in our republic.  It is vital for the courts to foster and enhance the people’s confidence and respect for the judiciary, and to ensure that the judicial system is viewed as fair, impartial and free from partisanship.



These are the foundation blocks of our constitutional republic. Our system is dependent upon the people’s confidence and respect for the law, under the governance of a reading of the Constitution which is based upon a historical understanding of the Framer’s intent, and a common understanding of the plain differences between right and wrong.

The Mission

Knox County has been very fortunate to have the leadership of Judge Otho Eyster for the past 25 years. He is retiring at the end of 2016, so it is time to select another judge who possesses the qualifications necessary to serve the needs of the people in Knox County, and to continue to preserve the independence, integrity, and impartiality of the judiciary.


Our local courts in Knox County have earned a reputation for prompt and efficient administration of justice. As a judicial candidate, I am dedicated to continue to preserve the confidence and respect of the people in our local courts, through dignity and fairness, and impartial decision making, based upon the facts and the law of each case.


Strong leadership is vital to guaranteeing the constitutional rights and liberties of the people. We live in challenging times, where wise and experienced leadership in the courts is essential to preserve the future for our children and grandchildren.







As a judicial candidate, Richard Wetzel is dedicated to the following judicial principles:
What Does It Take To Be A Good Judge?

Prompt and Efficient Administration of the Court



Judicial Temperament

Independence from influence


A Good Judge Shows Impartiality

Prompt decisions should be made on the basis of the facts and law of each case. Each case is unique.


Character and courage is needed to make the right decision, even if it is unpopular.


The People should have confidence that the judge is fair, impartial, and non-partisan.


Maintaining an open mind and uncommitted spirit with respect to cases before the court is essential. 


A good Judge affords the opportunity for each person to have their day in court.


Wisdom and Discernment to adhere to a basic understanding of right and wrong.